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Semantic Visualization
Semantic Visualization project provides a comprehensive visualization and interactive search and analytics interfaces for exploiting Semantic Web capabilities for all levels of systems architecture. This includes (a) ontology development and usage (including filtering, search, personalization) for developing light-weight, personal and collaboratively developed ontologies, as well as highly expressive biological ontologies with support for visual modeling and display of object modeled (e.g., complex carbohydrate molecules), (b) graphical query formulation with support for specifying and interactively modifying context and ranking criteria for semantic (relationship-based) document search and complex semantic analytics, (c) 3D immersive visual display of semantic analytics showing "connections between the dots" with ability to explain, (d) tracking and associating activities, and (e) "inspecting the dots" which can be heterogeneous documents and multi-modal content (text-based documents in various formals and static or dynamically generated Web page, audio, video, image and other media content).


  • SAV Semantic Analytics Visualization
  • SET Semantic EventTracker
  • PGV Paged Graph Visualization

Contact Information: Dr. Leon Deligiannidis (leon AT