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Knoesis Asthma Ontology (KAO)

The Knoesis Asthma Ontology (KAO) is being designed to deduce abstractions from the asthma dataset provided by the kHealth project. The asthma dataset collects data generated by IoT devices such as peak flow meter, Foobot, Fitbit, AirNow, and other Web Services obtaining parameters such as air quality, pollen index, outside humidity and temperature.

The knoesis Asthma Ontology (kAO) ontology is being created and reused ontologies as follows:

  • [ W3C Semantic Sensor Network (SSN) and Sensor, Observation, Sample, and Actuator (SOSA) ontologies to semantically annotate sensor observations (e.g., peak flow meter is a subclass of the sosa:Sensor class)
  • the Asthma Ontology (AO ontology) from BioPortal to reuse relevant concepts
  • FOAF ontology to describe people
  • Weather ontology [Staroch et al.] [Kofler et al.]to deduce meaningful information from weather datasets.