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* [[:Category:Linked Data]]
* [[:Category:Linked Data]]
* [[:Category:Cloud Computing]]
* [[:Category:Cloud Computing]]
* [[:Category:Open Source]]
= Instructions for Authors =  
= Instructions for Authors =  

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Kno.e.sis is a Center in the College of Engineering and Computer Science at Wright State University, founded as part of Ohio's Third Frontier program.

Our cutting-edge research in the use of semantic and services science for data integration, analysis, and process management complements daytaOhio's mission to leverage innovation in data-intensive technologies for economic expansion.

Kno.e.sis research focuses on realizing a knowledge society with semantics and services as key enablers. Our work leads to prototypes and their evaluation with the participation of academic and commercial partners, technology development and licensing followed by real-world deployment, and commercialization with our partner institution daytaOhio.

Projects by Title

Projects by Category

Instructions for Authors

You may want to use the Template:Project template to describe your project.

If you are looking for the getting started instructions, follow the link.