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  • == What is an Ontology? == ...of interpretation by both humans and computers[ NCBO] .
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  • Mashup Editor has a steeper learning curve and can do much more than Yahoo! Pipes. However the need to be profic ...XHTML. Developers can directly embed meta-data from various models such an ontology, taxonomy or a tag cloud into their API descriptions. The embedded meta-dat
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  • ...g Radicalization on Social Media using Knowledge-infused and Context-aware Learning]] * [[DAO]]: Drug Abuse Ontology
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  • ==<b>Drug Abuse Ontology</b>== see here for our work on [ Drug Abuse Ontology.]
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  • Semantic (Web) Technology In Action: Ontology Driven Information Systems for Search, Integration and Analysis], IEEE Data and by a variety of information-retrieval, statistical, and AI (machine learning and natural-language processing) techniques, at the Web scale. Semantic ana
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  • required. Figure 2 shows an annotation referring to an ontology from from Ruby) but lacks an ontology’s
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  • ...loged at the [ US National Center for Biomedical Ontology] ). Semantic models such the nonfunctional/system/ ontology
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  • typically as an ontology. Then, we extract relevant use them to populate the ontology. Finally, we
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  • The Semantics conveyed by ontology schemas ex-pressed in RDFS ( or OWL (http: ...seen as a top-down approach to relationship extraction. Beginning with an ontology schema containing a rich set of named relationships (and their synonyms), w
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  • ...rocessing tool that allows biologists to formulate complex queries without learning the query language syntax. We demonstrate the significance of SPSE by usin ...ow complex SPARQL queries can be formulated easily with minimal skills and ontology background.
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  • ...iption logics in the case of OWL-DL. It is very difficult to keep a single ontology logically consistent while maintaining high expressiveness and high connect ...ocks of knowledge that are not supposed to change frequently. The field of ontology was concerned with the essence and categorization of things, not with the t
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  • ...ning course, open to registered members of the official American Red Cross learning management platform, takes two hours online. After completion, participant ...takeholders in emergency response. Step one is to create a common, modular ontology leveraging knowledge of these differences and flexible data management. The
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  • ...logy KnoEO of the concepts and relationships concerned with an event. This ontology must be general enough so that it can be used on various events. Here is an ...construct a lexicon of words expressing relationships defined in the event ontology, and on the other hand, we extract the relationship indicators (e.g., the v
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  • *Machine Learning *Ontology Development.
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  • ...of Semantics in Computer Science, from the formal, top-down approaches in ontology engineering to the bottom-up approaches of social knowledge accumulation th * [[Human Performance and Cognition Ontology]]
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  • ...on vocabularies. An example of a common vocabulary is the Dublin Core (DC) ontology, a set of universally accepted metadata used to describe a resource (e.g. d ...and mappings between terms having the same meaning. Taxonomies, a form of ontology, can express simple relationships in the materials domain.
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  • ...n the Web, this knowledge is aligned with concepts in the DOLCE Ultra Lite ontology[]. Figure 1 provides a simple examp ...tructure learning that derives qualitative dependencies and (ii) parameter learning that quantifies dependencies. We have investigated how to combine these app
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  • ...the observation (note: prefix ssn is used to denote concepts from the SSN ontology). A feature (ssn:Feature) is an object or event in an environment, and a p ...tructure learning that derives qualitative dependencies and (ii) parameter learning that quantifies dependencies. We have investigated how to combine these app
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  • ..., such as the Semantic Web, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning (ML), to advance the analysis of social media data for drug abuse epidemiol * [[DAO]]: Drug Abuse Ontology
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  • ...cus term, we check whether there is a direct match to a class label in the ontology as the type. If a candidate type is not found, we further analyze focus ter ...D.H.: Knowledge acquisition via incremental conceptual clustering. Machine learning 2(2), 139–172 (1987) <br>
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  • mind. This conceptual knowledge, represented formally in the form of an ontology, can be used to annotate data and infer new knowledge from interpreted data ...on to form additional input for the CC system. CC systems utilize machine learning and other AI techniques in achieving all this without being explicitly prog
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