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Cuebee is a system for querying biological data semantically.

Cuebee is a knowledge-driven query formulation system targeted at non-computer expert users for SPARQL generation. And recently to support OWL ontologies, it has been integrated with an OWL-DL reasoner called Pellet. Pellet enables semantic reasoning over ontologies and datasets as well as utilizing SPARQL-DL, an extension of SPARQL query language, which is directly based on OWL-DL entailment relation. Using Pellet, Cuebee is able to combine ontologies and datasets as one query endpoint.

Cuebee offers query composition using intuitive drop-down lists and browse-and-select facilities on high level concepts and relations which has been defined in related ontologies. Composed queries are translated to SPARQL-DL, sent to servers over the web (available datasets) and the well-formatted results are presented to the user. A short demo of Cuebee for this project is now available at: Cuebee Demo

The details on use of Cuebee for parasite research is available here.

For more information about Cuebee, please visit the project page.